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Prepare For Autumn

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

As fall starts to come in, it is important to take care of our Metal element because the Metal element relates to autumn. As the weather starts to fall and the air begins to dry, according to TCM, this creates an environment that weakens your Qi (氣chi/energy) to Metal organs, lungs and large intestine. To keep your Qi in balance in autumn, you need to nourish and strengthen both the lungs and large intestine. Especially if Metal is your primary element. If you don’t take good care of your lungs and large intestine in autumn, your Qi will be out of balance, making it easier to get respiratory illness. Then when winter arrives, an insufficient storage of Qi in the lungs and large intestine will make it more difficult to fight off sickness.

When the Metal element weakens, you need the support of the Earth element to make it stronger. Also, Fire energy controls the balanced flow of energy in Metal organs. Because the Metal element relates to the autumn season, in autumn you should drink Fire element teas (black or oolong) in the mornings and especially Earth element teas (yellow tea), since Earth supports metal, later in the afternoon to help keep our Metal element organs in balance.

You can also strengthen Earth with the Chinese herbal formula Spleen Activator. You can also use Metal supporting herbal formulas like Lung Support or Breath Activator especially if Metal is your primary element. Weakened Metal will weaken Water making your knees and back hurt when the cold weather comes in. It will also weaken Wood making you feel tired and sluggish through the winter months.

See us for a free scan (it only takes a few minutes) to check your meridians to see if your Earth and Metal elements are balanced or visit your local acupuncturist to help balance your Earth and Metal elements.

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