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5 Elements & Kung Fu

To offer the full benefits of a Chinese arts school, we offer the best physical training for mind, body, spirit as well as specialize in balancing the 5 elements with Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas. Students may wonder what the 5 elements have to do with Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has always been a part of Kung Fu and Tai Chi. In the past a lot of Kung Fu and Tai Chi masters were also proficient in Chinese herbal medicine to help heal injuries and strengthen the body. Kung Fu and Tai Chi is more than just exercising, it is about strengthening the entire person, mind, body and spirit. Balancing the 5 elements can help you feel healthier and stronger in your Kung Fu and Tai Chi practice. So if you are serious about being the best student you can be, TCM will be part of your journey.

Water is responsible for the bones and joints. An out of balance water element can cause pain and discomfort in joints and lower back, making the practice of Kung Fu and Tai Chi difficult.

Wood is responsible for the muscles. An out of balance wood element will make the muscles feel stiff and tight. Flexibility is an important factor in the practice of Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

Fire is responsible for the heart and spirit. An out of balance fire element will bring the feeling of dizziness, forgetfulness and frustration. Students may become too critical and frustrated when they don't learn things easily or make many mistakes in their practice. This may result in giving up too easily when things don't seem to go their way.

Earth is responsible for the transfer of nutrients in the body. When earth is out of balance it increases the risk of injury and feeling easily tired or drained making a students mind drift during practice.

Metal is responsible for endurance and Qi regulation. When the metal element is out of balance a student may get short winded easily and feel fatigued. This creates a heavy and sluggish feeling and results in irregular practice which leads to feelings of inadequacy.

Balancing your 5 elements is a unique and important part of being a traditional Chinese arts student and not only makes you healthier and stronger but also aids in your Kung Fu and Tai Chi practice.

All students need balance in their 5 elements. We want every student to have our free, 1 minute, no pain scan so we can recommend the appropriate TCM to help offer all of our students the best in increased focus, better health and stronger muscles & joints so every student can feel better in their Kung Fu and Tai Chi practice. Please register for your free scan which can be done conveniently before or after class.

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1 Comment

Michelle Caprio
Michelle Caprio
Nov 01, 2023

Thanks again for this informative article. I am grateful for the training and the instruction here so I can have a more comprehensive understanding of my beautiful art.

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