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Kung Fu & Tai Chi


Our comprehensive online training videos will provide an opportunity for students to continue to learn and expand their study. Students should start with the basics covered in our beginner course videos before moving on to advance course videos.

Yang Tai Chi

Learn Tai Chi through our instructional videos and feel the stress & tension melt away as the flowing movements invigorate your mind and body, waging war on stress and tension. Learn everything you need to know in step-by-step video lessons. Tai Chi is a low-impact way to increase flexibility, balance and strength as you learn to synchronize your breath with your movements.

Shaolin Longfist

Learn Kung Fu through our instructional videos and train to increase your flexibility, strength and focus. This is not just standard push-ups and sit-ups, you will exercise in the traditional Shaolin style that focuses on conditioning the muscles needed to get you strong and fit. Learn everything you need to know, including forms, exercises, drills, combat, weapon and more in step-by-step video lessons.

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