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Master Maury

Master Maury (7th Degree Black Sash) was born and raised in New York and started training in 1976 with his brother in law, Master Ralph Ruiz in Wing Chun Kung Fu.


In the summer of '79 Master Maury started training in a Northern Longfist style called Huaquan under Master Chen Hei Fuk. Master Chen was a well known master in New York City Chinatown and had learned his kung fu from his father and his father's teacher, Grandmaster Cai Guiging, the last recorded grandmaster of the northern longfist system of Huaquan (Glorious Boxing).


In 1983 he continued his training in the Northern Seven Star Praying Mantis system under Master Ramon Nelson, senior student of Master Chiu Chi Luen, nephew of the famous Mantis Grandmaster Chiu Chi Man. 


In 1990 Master Maury added to his training with Yang style Tai Chi under Dr. Kay Chi Leung and Master Lin Lin Han, son in law and daughter of the famous Master Han Ching Tan - Student of Grandmaster Yang Cheng Fu.


In 2001 Master Maury visited and trained in China and Hong Kong and in 2012 he started a Huaquan video exchange program with Master Peter Jou of Taiwan to share and expand his Huaquan knowledge and curriculum.

Today, Master Maury continues to research kung fu and tai chi and learn deeper concepts in Yang style tai chi from Master Liang Dehua, student of Master Chi Qing Sheng who was the last indoor student of Grandmaster Gu Lisheng - student of both Yang Shao Hou and Yang Cheng Fu.

Sifu Sara

Sifu Sara (5th Degree Black Sash) was born and raised in Massachusetts and started training in Kenpo Karate in 1990.


She became a student of Master Maury in '96 and in '98 she became part of Master Maury's personal elite team and became an international competitor.

In 2000 she received her black sash certification and became a full time instructor and was responsible for developing and running the entire youth program.

In 2002 she became one of only two disciples under Master Maury; as a result, she had the opportunity to train with many of the New York prominent masters that Master Maury was training with at the time.

In 2003 Sifu Sara received permission from Master Maury as well as other New York Masters to open and operate her own school.

In 2005 she became Master Maury's partner and assisted him in running and training all instructors in five locations.

In 2011 she accompanied Master Maury to Virginia to open the Chesapeake Virginia school.

Today, Master Maury and Sifu Sara (husband and wife) enjoy teaching and sharing Kung Fu and Tai Chi at both Chesapeake and Virginia Beach locations so that others can benefit from the true treasures that only Kung Fu and Tai Chi training has to offer.

Our Philosophy

We strive to teach the very best in kung fu and tai chi while keeping our classes fun and exciting, yet not losing the traditional training and concepts. You will not only learn the art in its entirety, but also the understanding of applications of every movement learned. This is an important component in mastering the art.


Regular practice will thoroughly work the cardiovascular system, enhance muscular development, increase respiratory functions, and help maintain your overall health. We believe that a strong body leads to a strong mind and a strong spirit.


We are proud to pass on a legacy of authentic knowledge and skills that have been handed down for hundreds of years. Learn kung fu & tai chi in a pleasant, clean, and safe environment in an adult only atmosphere.

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