Chesapeake Kung Fu

Maximize Your Potential

Shaolin Kung Fu Centers training provides a full body workout that activates all muscle groups in your body helping you get stronger and in shape faster improving your health and fitness.

We Play It Straight!

There are no hidden fees, surprises or contracts! We will provide you with a class t-shirt when you first come in and you will need to wear any black athletic/sweat pants and sneakers. It's as simple as that! Get started on developing greater strength, better health and competent skills.

The Real Essence of Kung Fu Training is Self-Defense

At Shaolin Kung Fu Centers students are taught to understand the applications for self-defense of every movement they learn. Kung Fu techniques are rich in diversity and effectiveness in terms of attack and defense. We teach partner drills to build reflexes and coordination, two person hand forms to teach timing, distance and body conditioning as well as fighting techniques and kickboxing.


Live a Long and Happy Life

Kung Fu will help you enhance longevity by conditioning your body and mind, while also improving physical endurance, strength and flexibility. Kung Fu is more than a physical exercise; it develops the inner abilities of vital energy and the mind. You’ll have the zest and energy of a much younger person in all areas of your life. It’s also an effective method for relieving stress, as it helps one develop a calm mind and clear thoughts even under demanding life situations

Build strength and develop inner peace through real Kung Fu training.

Our philosophy is that a strong body will lead to a strong mind and strong spirit. Therefore we train the body to become strong and in return this weaponizes the body, making it strong not only against physical attacks but against illness, stress and mental fatigue.

Here at Shaolin Kung Fu Centers we are dedicated to passing on the authentic and classical teachings of Huaquan a Northern Longfist Style of Kung Fu.

Sigung Maury on wooden dummy

Kung Fu Classes


Tues & Thurs @ 6:30PM

Sat @ 10:30AM


Mon & Wed @ 6:30PM

Sun @ 2:30PM

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