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About Kung Fu

The oldest and perhaps most advanced form of martial arts ever developed by man has been practiced in China for over 4000 years.

Better known in the west as Kung Fu, these arts have evolved from simple meditative exercises to the sophisticated diversified art forms taught today. For hundreds of years, these arts were carefully guarded secrets taught by wandering monks and handed down from father to son. It was not unusual for students to travel immense distances and endure great hardship to be taught by a master. It is only in the past 40 years that Kung Fu has emerged from its long secrecy to become the highly respected means of self-defense it is known to be today.

The many aspects of kung fu include body strengthening, self defense, empty hand forms, weapon forms, philosophy and herbal medicine. Kung fu uses the whole body in a way that exercises and strengthens all muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Unlike most Western exercise, sports, and recreational activities, which focus primarily on external training, kung fu works on harmonizing the external and internal. Kung fu does not only work on ones physical level but builds the mental level as well. As a matter of fact these inner changes are the most profound. Improving perceptions, attitudes and inner feelings towards oneself and making one feel more positive of themselves and others around them. Many people are attracted to kung fu for its undeniable beauty. Combining power, grace and agility makes kung fu fascinating to learn and keeps your interest level high throughout your training career.

Kung fu - Considered to be a complete health and exercise system can also be treated as an art form and studied for its beauty, or studied for its original intent, self defense. This is why many find kung fu to be a form of exercise that is wholesome, unique and complete.

Now offering evening kung fu classes in Virginia Beach.

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