Resistance training and strength building from traditional kung fu as well as breathing aspects of Qigong come together in a unique program designed for relaxed but rejuvenating strength development.

We Play It Straight

There are no hidden fees, surprises or contracts! We will provide you with a class t-shirt when you first come in and you will need to wear any black athletic/sweat pants and sneakers. It's as simple as that! Tai Chi is considered a low impact form of training that’s appropriate for almost anyone.

The old masters used these same concepts for strength without altering their physical size or weight. This program frees the practitioner from modern exercises like calisthenics, supplementary weight lifting or any other fitness program. Learn real training methods on building strength and power as you improve your health, fitness, strength, & vitality.

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Tues & Thurs @ 4:45PM

Sat @ 8:30AM


Mon & Wed @ 4:45PM

Sun @ 10:00AM

Chesapeake Kung Fu & Tai Chi

1226 Executive Blvd

Chesapeake, VA  23320