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Winterize Your Body

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Most people don’t typically think about winterizing their bodies but, along with enjoying the season by staying cozy, warm and drinking lots of hot tea, it's a good idea to stay vigilant. Respiratory infections and sore throats can sneak up on us during this time of the year, which is why the winter months are known as cold and flu season and people are more prone to itchy skin and joint pain during the winter as well. Also, sticking to your routines and being around upbeat people can help fight off seasonal inactivity and depression. Awareness of heart attacks, a leading cause of death in Western society - especially during winter, is something to be mindful of for ourselves and our neighbors. The cold weather constricts arteries, reducing blood flow to muscles and can increase the chance of heart attack. Working hard outdoors in the cold weather can put a strain on the heart for people with pre-existing heart conditions. People with pre-existing conditions should make sure to take periodic breaks to warm up when doing outside work in the winter.

In the winter it is good to use humidifiers to moisten the air and diffuse essential oils like pine, fir, eucalyptus, frankincense, and myrrh to prevent infection.

Spicy foods increase peripheral circulation and can be used to open skin pores and "sweat out" colds and flus. They can also help wintertime circulation. However, they also increase heat loss and should not be eaten right before going out to the cold. Instead, eat spicy foods when you come in from the cold. The same goes with teas. Drink herbal teas like Qigong and Get Well if you plan to go out and drink black teas like Ginger Vanilla and Mango Black when you come in from the cold.

Wintertime lung care - Chinese metal increasing formula Lung Support. The element of metal in Chinese medicine is associated with the immune system and the ability of the body to protect itself from infection. The primary line of immune defense is the mucous membranes lining our lungs and digestive tract, as most infections enter the body through these membranes. This helps explain why the Chinese metal element is also associated with the lungs and colon.

Lung Support enhances the function of the mucous membranes lining the lungs and the colon to improve immune response. It stimulates the immune system and increases the body's stamina during times of weakness. It is a decongestant and expectorant. By dilating bronchioles and increasing blood circulation, it restores deep breathing and strengthens the lungs as the cold dry air tries to weaken them. This is a great formula for everyone to use in the wintertime.

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