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Tea Up!

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

"Everyday is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier and to be the best version of you."

Chesapeake Kung Fu & Tai Chi students work hard on improving themselves and drinking tea is a great addition to help accomplish that. Green Tea has been used as a traditional medicine for more than 4,000 years in Indian and Chinese culture. A few benefits are:

  • Anti Aging

  • Viral and bacterial infection fighter

  • Cold and Flu Fighter

  • Helps with Depression and Anxiety

  • Helps with Cholesterol and Weight

Delicious in our Green Apple Crisp or Lemon Green Blend and Highly Beneficial in our Herbal Flex Nut Blend.

Drinking Green Tea daily is the Kung Fu & Tai Chi Way. Become a regular tea drinker like the old masters. This is one of the unique benefits that Shaolin Kung Fu Centers offers it's students for their health and enjoyment.

An Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times

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