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Qigong Training

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

It is said that "in order to calm the mind and steady the energy, one must first learn to take a breath."

Today, many people hear about the great benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong practice, but what is the difference between the two? Well, to answer that we must understand what qigong practice really is.

In modern times, qigong always seems to be cloaked in a veil of mystery. Whenever the topic of qigong comes up, people tend to associate it with "energy healing," and even supernatural abilities. The average person has no real way of grasping what qigong really is. When it comes to the Chinese martial arts and the practice of qigong, outsiders tend to either view it as a form of complex exercises, or some kind of mystical power.

Qigong is neither complex or mystical. As a matter of fact it is as simple as breathing. The Chinese word "Qi" translates as air or breath and the word "gong" translates as strength. Therefore, together "qigong" means to breathe in the air to strengthen the body. Tai Chi practice has qigong training in it and is considered to be more advanced since it is composed of many complex movements and training methods. Qigong is a relatively simple physical exercise combined with certain breathing methods and can be done almost anywhere.

Our Fitness Qigong program combines resistance training and strength building from traditional Kung Fu as well as breathing aspects of Qigong together in a unique strength development program designed for mature adults. It gives you all the health and healing benefits of qigong plus strength development. It results in a relaxing and rejuvenating muscle and joint exercise program combined with healthy breathing techniques. It creates a well rounded workout both inside and out.

Add our Fitness Qigong Program to your Tai Chi training to increase your workout with some resistance training or add it to your Kung Fu training to learn deeper breathing which will help relieve your daily stress and anxiety.

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1 Comment

Taking Qigong classes has helped me with my Kung fu training and beyond! Whenever I have stress or anxiety, I apply what I have learned in Qigong class and find immediate relief! Come take a class and see for yourself! 👍💪🙏

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