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Love & Peas

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

People take protein drinks for a variety of reasons, to help muscle growth, to aid in weight loss, and to help heal injuries.

Protein is important for muscle development, repair, and regular function, as well as the formation of enzymes and hormones.

Love and Peas is a protein powder made from yellow split peas, featuring 20 grams of vegetable protein and delivering 21 vitamins and minerals with a balances amino acid profile. It also contains whole foods with antioxidant properties and enzymes for better digestion and absorption. It is a great alternative to whey and soy proteins, which cause allergies in many people. Love and Peas is dairy-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and Vegan Certified. Studies suggest pea protein may support kidney function and the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

I was a little skeptical at first, in reference to what it would taste like, but was pleasantly surprised. It really tasted good. I tried it with just water and not bad at all. Then tried it with almond milk and it was delicious. Then I blended it with almond milk and a banana and it was amazing! You can add it to oatmeal in the morning to add some taste and protein or use it for a breakfast meal replacement to give you the protein, minerals and vitamins you need. I like to use it mid afternoon, around 3pm, as a healthy snack before dinner. You can mix 2 level scoops (45 g) of Love and Peas powder with approximately 14-16 ounces of cold water or milk (almond, soy or coconut) as a meal replacement or mix one level scoop to 8-10 ounces as a snack in between meals.

We are in the process of ordering some on Monday morning, so place your order by 10am if you would like to try Love and Peas.

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