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Introducing Our Health Analyzer

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Every day one has the chance to make choices that improve the quality of one's overall health. Health is considered to depend upon the continual monitoring and correcting of the intake of nutrients and water, exercise, and electromagnetic fields.

Electrical impulses, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, are studied along the body's meridian pathways. When the energy in a meridian is out of balance, its associated point may become tender or swollen, and the muscles in the area may tighten inappropriately. The nerves that enter and exit become mechanically irritated, causing extensive disturbance to the function of the organs innervated by these irritated nerves. The correspondence between meridians and observed conditions of the body and mind (general health, glands, organs, etc.) have been repeatedly documented for a least three thousand years. "Balancing" meridian energies have provided undeniable benefits. As well, with the use of quantum theories (everything is related to and connected with everything else) and with the help of our new non-invasive/no pain health analyzer which can identify weak cells electromagnetically, we can now utilize a computerized health report that will help with a much broader picture to identify where we can better balance our bodies. This will also help to assess the benefits that our herbal remedies are having on our well-being. Whether it is your first herbal consultation or for a follow up consultation, we look forward to helping you with your herbal health. Remember, a strong body leads to a strong mind and a strong spirit.

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