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Training In 2022

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Now that the holidays are over and you are getting things back on track, like your training, it is a good idea to create a written training schedule and set some goals. Keeping a training journal is always a good idea. Not just for notes on training and what you need to work on but even for those days that you don't train. Writing down the reason why you didn't get to go to class may help you identify if these reasons are valid or just bad planning that is counter productive to your training progress. With everything that happened in the past two years, training is more important now than it has ever been before!

You can expect obstacles to get in the way of your training but make sure to work through them and not allow them to set you back by missing classes. You can accept the unavoidable missed class every now and then but make sure you have exhausted all options. Many times people miss because something just came up or they don't feel 100% with minor aches and pains, so they think its a sign to skip class.

Let's focus on pushing through those obstacles in 2022 to stay on track. Stay motivated by giving yourself credit when it's appropriate. Executing a difficult physical move or something you have been having trouble with in your training should be acknowledged with pride. It is important to remember that progress usually occurs as part of a cumulative—and challenging—process rather than a sudden breakthrough. You must plug along, creating an understanding of yourself and your practice one piece at a time and regular training will keep you focused and on track.

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