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Updated: Feb 2

It is very common for students to get effected in their lives from their Kung Fu/Tai Chi practice as they start to notice incredible changes in their lives. Their attitude starts improving, their physical health and concentration improves and they start to feel like they are slowly getting control of the stresses in their life. As a result, students usually start coming to class and practicing Kung Fu/Tai Chi much more regularly. Unfortunately, sometimes their loved ones start to have concerns because they don’t understand the importance of practice and view the school simply as a place to do some exercise. They cannot understand why anyone would feel the need to be so committed and, since people are generally scared of what they don’t understand, they may view that Kung Fu/Tai Chi practice is some type of brainwashing. The truth is that in some ways it is. The practice gives the brain a break from everyday stress and for a moment washes the brain of all the negativity that is out in the world.

In order to make achievements in Kung Fu/Tai Chi the practitioner needs to be in the moment with a clean, crisp, and clear thinking brain with complete focus or else the lessons get lost. The training teaches students how to discipline their mind and body, and learn to focus on what they wish to accomplish.

This kind of intense focus can sometimes be almost meditative and some people may view this as being too spiritual, but the truth is that the practice of Kung Fu/Tai Chi has nothing to do with spirituality but more to do with personal growth and disciplining the mind and body. This is what is viewed as the "Tao" (the way or path), the principles we are all striving to learn and master. It is said that the Tao is known through actual living experience of one's everyday being. Therefore, Kung Fu/Tai Chi training does not convert students, but instead, it evolves them to be their personal best physically, emotionally, and mentally - to live a better, healthier and stronger life.

This makes the school a sacred place where students can come to get away from their everyday life, stresses and strains, a place where students can focus their mind and body through the practice. At the same time a place with a positive environment for students to enjoy each others company as well as the process of learning and growing through the practice of Kung Fu/Tai Chi.

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