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Make Time For Yourself

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

It is extremely important to make time to take care of yourself and get the body moving. Tai Chi provides a perfect exercise and should be done without hesitation. “Too busy” is not a good excuse. Being too busy could damage your health, especially your heart and brain. People, unfortunately, do not realize this until they are much older, and then it is sometimes too late.

Tai Chi may look like a simple, easy, slow, effortless series of body movements, but in reality it is a complex exercise that contains its own type of physically energizing workout.

As anything else in life that you would want to get good at, it is going to require consistent practice. This might be the most difficult thing for people to do. Even though they understand that Tai Chi provides great health benefits they may still not do it. Many obstacles can prevent people from doing it. We frequently hear people say “I have to do it”, I know it is good for me”, I am going to do it.” This, however, is only still in their minds without action. People often tell themselves they want to do it, but never act on their good intensions. They may feel they have good reasons like they feel too tired, are too busy, or feel they have too much going on. All these are just excuses that prevent them from doing Tai Chi. Not because they lack willpower but mainly because they lack patience and understanding of what the practice of Tai Chi can do.

First and foremost the practice of Tai Chi will help reduce stress. Today, people need this form of exercise even more than ever before. The practice will help people balance their lives by minimizing stress and fighting against mental and physical fatigue. Getting the body to move after a long stressful day is key to feeling better and more energetic. Going home to lie on the couch will only make the feeling of tiredness more predominant. We often hear how students come in feeling tired before class and feel much better after class.

So, next time you feel tired or too busy, make time to take care of yourself and go to class. Follow along with the peaceful music that relaxes the mind and move your body as you release stress.

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