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Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a time of celebrations that spread happiness, prosperity, a sense of unity and above all gives an opportunity to express gratitude to the special people and places you care about. This gratitude can be expressed by giving a red envelope with a monetary gift known as lucky money. Traditionally, the Chinese red envelope is given to bring good luck, prosperity, and happiness to the recipient, as well as to the giver. Chinese New Year is the most awaited and celebrated festivities all across the world. The Chinese New Year is not only an occasion to commemorate a new beginning but also that time of the year which is induced with a sense of joy and excitement. The lion dance is a popular recreation for the Chinese during their New Year festivities. The Chinese Lion Dance has been both a unique and integral element of Chinese culture for over two thousand years.

In China, the lions are considered as a symbol for joy and happiness. From the fourth day to the fifteenth of the New Year festival, lion dance groups tour from village to village in traditional China and excite all the spectators with their electrifying performance. The lion dance is a perfect blend of art, history and kung fu moves. Normally the dancers are kung fu practitioners. Every kind of move in the dance has a specific musical rhythm. The music played is in sync with the moves of the lion: the drum follows the lion. Thus flamboyantly vivid and wickedly energetic, the brilliant lion dance bears witness to the vibrant richness of Chinese heritage.

This year we will observe Chinese New Year and save the lion dance and performances along with food gathering festivities for when it is a little safer to do so. We are planning this type of celebration in a few months in recognition of the tenth year anniversary of the Chesapeake location.

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