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Naturally Calm Nerves with balanced energy

When I first started in Nature Sunshine (back in the early 90's), I heard many great things about Nutri-Calm. Nutri-Calm is more than just its name which describes a calming formula designed exclusively by Nature Sunshine to help support the nervous system. Even after over 30 years it is still one of their top selling products.

Nutri-Calm is a great anti-stress vitamin supplement (in an impressive herbal base) with a proven track record for easing nervous stress and anxiety. It does this without causing drowsiness or interfering with sensory and motor functions. This makes it far superior to other medications commonly used. Nutri-Calm accomplishes this by feeding both the nerves and adrenal glands for an overall balance.

One of the primary things that Sifu Sara points out about this formula is that its king herb is Schisandra mixed with a powerful blend of B vitamins. Unlike some herbal formulas that take a while for the body to absorb, most people will feel wellness results as soon as they begin taking it and be able to see a better quality of balanced calmness and energy in their day to day lives.

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