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Experience the Power and Wisdom of Kung Fu

Learn Kung Fu Online

Too Busy to make it into class every week?

Try our kung fu online program for only $9.99 monthly.

Program Includes:

  • Online instructional videos lessons

  • Monthly health tips and tea discussion

  • Philosophy, history and lessons to create a healthier lifestyle. 

Kung Fu Online

What makes our program unique is that you get more than instructional videos to learn kung fu at home, you get the full experience of being a kung fu student.

What has made Shaolin Kung Fu centers so successful for over 30 years is the student learning experience. We teach more than just moves. We teach a complete system that creates a strong and healthy lifestyle. So many students have told us that it is everything they learn that makes the difference in their lives, not just the kung fu but the philosophy and the education on how to get stronger and healthier. All of these lessons teach students how to take what they are learning and improve their lives while getting strong and in great shape.

This is what our online instructional videos brings to you

The full experience of being a kung fu student!

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