Chesapeake Kung Fu & Tai Chi

Herbal Health, Greater Strength and Exciting Skills

Along with teaching Tai Chi and Kung Fu, we specialize in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is not about finding and treating illness or disease (that is the job of a doctor), but instead it is about finding imbalances in the body and bringing the body back into balance. Learn More




Kung Fu & Tai chi

Shaolin Kung Fu Centers was founded by Sigung Joe Maury back in 1990 when the first school was opened in Worcester, Massachusetts. The purpose to opening the school was to share and spread the teachings of traditional kung fu and to help the members of the community to learn control - physically, mentally, and emotionally, while building better health, greater strength and personal excellence in their everyday life. In the summer of 2011 the master instructors, Sigung Joe Maury and Sifu Sara Maury moved down south to Chesapeake Virginia and opened Chesapeake Kung Fu & Tai Chi. We teach a Northern Shaolin Longfist style and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. We are proud to pass on a legacy of authentic knowledge and skills that have been handed down for hundreds of years.