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Chinese New Year

Some of our students have been asking about the buzz in the school that starts this time of year in anticipation of our once per year student gathering in celebration of Chinese New Year.

We choose this time of year because we are a Chinese Kung Fu & Tai Chi traditional school. As well, we are thankful for the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) that we are able to offer our students and the knowledge that comes with that. All of this roots us to some of the old traditions celebrated in the New Year.

We bring the Chinese Lions in to help spread good luck and good cheer for the New Year for the Sifu’s, our students, and our happy school that has been a haven for us and many of our students through so much of what we all overcome throughout the year. Traditional New Year red envelopes given by the students are a generous gesture to support the school with “lucky money” on the day we celebrate. The Sifu’s use these student envelopes to put towards what the school may need for the upcoming year. (This year we are looking into a new commercial back door with a window!) As well, to bring in Chinese food for everyone to share together.

Please note that student guests and first time students will not be able to attend on this day and all students attending need to be in the black & yellow school uniform.

Classes on Saturday, February 10th will be on a special class schedule only.

  • Tai Chi (ALL levels) will be at 10:15am

  • Lion Dance will be at 11am and food will be delivered shortly after

  • Kung Fu will start approx. 12pm

We are looking forward to bringing in the New Year with our students!

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Exciting! Can't wait to see what the Wood Dragon year brings. ☯️

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