The only kung fu schools in Virginia and Massachusetts teaching traditional Northern Longfist Kung Fu.
Founded by Sigung Joe Maury
seventh Degree Black Sash

If you are serious about learning an authentic and traditional style of kung fu or tai chi then Shaolin Kung Fu Centers is the right place for you. In ancient times kung fu wasn't something people did a few times a week… or on the weekends. It was a way of life. They trained every day - for hours - to perfect their skills, master their minds, hone their bodies into powerful tools, and strengthen their sense of inner-peace. While that lifestyle won't work for most of us these days… our schools are proud to bring this same level of commitment and passion to each of our kung fu martial arts training classes.

Our schools pride themselves on teaching the traditional and authentic styles of Kung Fu and Tai Chi. We take a modern approach to many of the teaching methods (making the art a lot easier and fun for students to learn), while still preserving the art.

Our Classes

Our Basic Kung Fu Program is the perfect full-body workout, and it's fun! Watch unwanted pounds melt away as you tone up with high energy classes! This class will improve your cardiovascular which will strengthen your lungs and heart, increase your energy level, tone and build muscle strength and improve flexibility, which reduces the chance of injury and makes you feel younger. This class is a great introduction that covers kung fu basics in kicking, punching, blocking, strength building and stretching which will prepare you for our traditional kung fu program.

traditional kung fu

Our Traditional Kung Fu Program introduces a Northern Long Fist style called Huaquan (Glorious Boxing). Huaquan can be viewed as the "mother of long fist," since it is one of the oldest and known as the first form of long fist boxing ever created. Its movements are quick and fluid and its energy is constantly flowing from one limb to the other. This training will stretch and strengthen the limbs, correct bad posture, and teach full body awareness, while developing quick, graceful, and powerful movements for self defense.

Our Tai Chi Program helps the practitioner gain awareness of how to release tension, while exercising within a comfortable range of motion. Learn to relieve stress and pain, while gently strengthening the body. This class involves moving at a slower pace and will help in prolonging and enriching one's life. The Chinese have found something that flows through the human body and it is called "chi." In English it roughly translates as "vital energy" or "energy force (sometimes referred to as life force)." This chi flows through a certain path throughout the body that is referred to as meridians. Regular practice of Tai Chi helps open up these meridians so that chi can flow freely throughout the body. Therefore, the first benefit someone will feel from regular practice of Tai Chi is an increase in energy or life force.

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Our Kids Kung Fu Program uses the techniques of the old Shaolin Kung Fu masters to instill in each child the attributes of Focus and Discipline. They knew back then (500 ad) that these attributes had to be mastered first, if the children under their care were going to be successful. The old Shaolin Kung Fu Masters of the past were the educators of the time. They taught kung fu, medicine, reading and writing.
Our Kids Kung Fu is an extraordinary program that uses these ancient traditions with a modern and updated appropriate curriculum designed for your child.

Ages 15 to 30 - Traditional Kung Fu.

Ages 30 to 50 - Traditional Kung Fu with a focus on consistent attendance (or Yang Style Tai Chi).

Ages 50 to 70 - Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

Ages 70 and over - Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan if you are already a physically active individual,

Class In Action

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We are not your tough guy, strong ego school, but instead we are a kung fu training academy with a positive and enthusiastic learning environment that teaches adults how to increase their strength, improve their health, have fun, and forget about the outside world for a while.
Enjoy our class in action videos!

you can do it!

A longer life maybe...
A better life absolutely!
Our classes may very well increase your longevity, but the real value lies in increased wellness and enjoyment of life right now. None of us know whether we'll be here tomorrow, so the important question is,
"What are you doing for yourself right now?"

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